Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4th week

this week was the week for us to present our simulated teaching. My group was the second group to present the simulated teaching..and thankfully everything went as what we had planned.. Other group had also presented their simulated teaching and at the end of every simulated teaching we were to give comments on how to improve the teaching or the activities done.

There are some pictures of our simulated teaching

3rd week

hi...we meet again..just want to to share what my friends and I have done during this 3 rd week class. .honestly we were really enjoying ourselves during this science class. Sir fauzi, our lecturers had been very sporting and 'sempoi' and we really2 like his style...hu3..

Ok..for this 3rd week class, we were assigned to do lesson plan and the teaching activities will need to be intergrated with the use of the technology. Sir Fauzi had provide several Cd roms consist of science activities that can be done during the Teaching and Learning sessions. we were given the opportunity to choose either we wanted to use the Cd roms or we can use any sofwares in the net for our lesson plan activities.

for the lesson plan, we had discussed together within our group and we met with a consensus that we want to download videos from the internet and use it to teach the students on "Animal life cycle".

the lesson plan had been approved by Sir Fauzi and we had prepared materials and teaching aids for our lesson plan. Sir FAuzi had assigned us to do simulated teaching infront of the class based on the lesson plan that we had discussed.

the simulated teaching will be next week. Hopefully, everything will be fine and go as what had been planned.....